Continuing professional development (CPD) is an important means for dentists to maintain and develop their knowledge and expertise.  It’s a requirement that all dentists meet the Dental Board of Australia’s (the Board) Registration standard: continuing professional development.

Dentists must complete a minimum of 60 hours of CPD activities over a three year CPD cycle, as determined by the Board.  A minimum of 48 of these 60 hours must be spent of clinical or scientifically based CPD.

Reading relevant articles can count towards your required CPD hours.  Therefore, reading articles found on Dental RiskHQ may assist you to achieve these required hours.

It’s expected that most of these articles will take you approximately 15 mins for reading and reflection; this means that during and after reading the article you’re expected to reflect on your practice and consider what changes you might implement based on what you’ve learnt.

Recording CPD

Following is a template provided to assist practitioners in recording continuing professional development.

Below you’ll find a link to the Board’s CPD resources page; this explains in more detail the requirements of the Board.