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Are you sure it couldn’t happen to you?

Below are common scenarios many dentists believe will never happen to them. But claims reported to Guild Insurance tell a different story. These scenarios do happen; often causing considerable distress to the dentists involved. Case example 1 A patient telephoned her dentist after-hours to report persistent pain and swelling post procedure. The dentist took the […]

Record keeping – It’s not going away

I can almost hear the groans this topic often elicits. Yes, it’s those dirty words again – clinical records. Hang on a minute! Please read on… Surely we don’t need to be reminded again, I hear you protest. There’s always someone nagging us about it. Yet hundreds of dental claims every year remind us that […]

“Wow! My tooth broke your file!”

At a seminar given by Endodontist Glenn Weston the above words were suggested as what we would like the patient to think when the event of file fracture occurs during endodontic treatment. Needless to say, these are words that are not commonly heard in a dental office when an endodontic file breaks inside a canal! Yet […]

Why do people complain to the ADA about their dentist?

Unfortunately, with all the very best of intentions and with all the professional training, skill, care and experience the dental team may exhibit, things don’t necessarily turn out as expected. This can result in an adverse treatment outcome and patient expectations not being met. The vast majority of these situations are managed in-house by the […]

Do your patients trust you?

Recently I was referred by my medical GP to a surgeon for a simple but elective procedure. Whilst I had been told of the surgeon’s prowess, in the consultation with him I didn’t feel confident about trusting him to carry out the procedure. The surgical procedure didn’t go ahead as a result. Although clinical skill […]

The wisdom of Solomon

The Biblical figure King Solomon lived between 1000 BC and 931 BC. The Bible portrays him as great in wisdom, wealth and power. One of the qualities most ascribed to Solomon is his wisdom. There is a famous account demonstrating this, wherein it was said that Solomon suggested dividing a baby in two to determine […]

The second dentist and patient dissatisfaction

There is little doubt that in this day and age, patients are becoming “clients”. Consumerism is on the rise, and “dental practices” are often seen and referred to as “dental businesses”. This is associated with a diminution of the perceived professionalism of the practitioner, with the result being an increase in the likelihood of a […]

The root of the problem

The elimination of infected pulp and dentine, and adequate root canal preparation and sealing constitute the basic principles of endodontic treatment. Ideally, the filling material should be limited to the root canal without extending to periapical tissues or other neighbouring structures. When root canal therapy is performed on mandibular molar and premolar teeth, damage to […]