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Case Studies


Implants - What’s done is done

"What's done is done." (Macbeth) encapsulates that critical aspect…

Case study - nobody's perfect

On 23 December 2008 an ADA Branch received an email from a member…

Case study - recovery of outstanding fees and lessons learned

A dentist provided treatment to a patient in the form of extensive…

Business Practices

What would happen if you can’t operate your business?

The threat of storms and fire are obvious threats to any business;…

Retirement - a complicated journey

With a significant percentage of the workforce heading towards…

Ransomware - an infection control story

Janine arrived at the practice early as she always did. She liked…
About Dental RiskHQ

The team at Guild Insurance draw on over 50 years of experience to deliver a friendly and easy to understand guide to risk. Over 15 years of partnering with the ADA means that no other insurer has more experience in insuring Australian dentists.

Backed by a team of cross functional dento-legal experts, Dental RiskHQ has been developed with the aim to educate you on the importance of limiting risk and empowering you to make every day changes.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Reading relevant articles can count towards your required continuing professional development hours.  Therefore, reading articles on Dental RiskHQ may assist you to achieve these required hours.